iGHOST is a highly motivated group of researchers dedicated to discovering and investigating paranormal phenomena. We are interested in examining reported haunted locations, businesses, historic sites, and private residences for evidence of paranormal activity.  We are based in central Indiana and travel all over the state and beyond its borders attempting to find evidence of the paranormal and help those who seek our assistance.  Every paranormal investigation request we receive is treated with the utmost respect, discretion, and professionalism, and as always all investigations are conducted FREE OF CHARGE. Information on how to request an investigation can be found in the menu on the top, or by clicking here. iGHOST is also an affiliate of the The Paranormal Clergy, a group founded as a haven for other paranormal research groups to utilize their skills, knowledge, and professionalism regarding certain aspects of paranormal phenomena.

iGHOST is NOT a group of spiritual cleansers, psychics, sensatives, mediums, or exorcists.  We DO NOT practice black magic, witchcraft or sorcery, nor do we use Ouija boards, hold seances, or utilize any other “conjuring” techniques. We make every attempt to investigate and research all areas of a location to maximize the possibility of capturing and successfully interpreting any evidence and or claims of paranormal phenomena. We try to find logical, natural explanations for claims of the paranormal before determining the nature of the reported activity. This is not say that our clients’ beliefs and experiences are discounted, we just prefer to take all considerations into account.

iGHOST strives to network with other paranormal investigation groups, exchange ideas, share techniques, tips, stories, etc.  We do not consider or feel that the field of paranormal investigation should be a competition among paranormal groups. iGHOST gladly offers link exchanges with reputable groups or individuals in the field, and hopes to positively add to the general knowledge and contributions of the paranormal community at large.

Please explore our site, view our photographs, read our case files, listen to audio recordings from our investigations, or learn about our ghost hunting philosophies concerning evidence gathering, interpretation and analysis, as well as debunking in our Ghost Hunting 101 page. Some helpful tools for fellow researchers or even just interested casual ghost hunters can be found on our Ghost Hunting Toolkit page.  Here you will find some useful down-loadable investigation forms, investigation tips, equipment lists, etc.

iGHOST strives to put forth the best evidence possible and will not make any claim to the irrefutability of anything we post.  We are more concerned with the quality of evidence we present rather than the quantity of evidence we present.  Evidence is always subjective, and is open to individual interpretations.  All we can do is display what we have captured, and let the public form their own opinions and draw their own conclusions.  We will continue to post unusual pictures, EVP’s, and video evidence as we collect it.  We will also be sure to add more examples of our own evidence that we have “debunked” (disproved) in order to illustrate how some seemingly odd and unusual pictures can be mistaken for legitimate evidence when there is, in fact, a rational explanation.

We will continue to add evidence and information from our investigations as we conduct them.  In the meantime, enjoy the site!
*NOTE* For people interested in an investigation: Due to an overabundance of investigation requests, iGHOST is backlogged and may not be able to schedule your investigation for several months.  Please send a request if you require assistance and we will contact you to schedule an interview and/or investigation as soon as possible.  If you feel you have an emergency situation, we will do everything we can to schedule an investigation as quickly as possible.