Whispers Estate, Mitchell, Indiana


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Classification: Commercial, Private Residence


  • Matt
  • Shanna
  • Erica
  • Tom
  • Leah
  • Jen (training)

History of the Site and Claims of Activity

Located in Mitchell, Indiana, this 3700 square foot Victorian home has many tales to tell. Dr. John Gibbons and his wife Jessie occupied the home from the late 1800’s to the mid 1900’s. The doctor operated out of the home, performing surgeries and alleged abortions as well as everyday clinical visits.  It is reported that they adopted abandoned and orphaned children because they could not have children of their own. Among them were twins, 10 year old Rachel and Enos. It is said that on Christmas Day, Rachel snuck into the doctor’s surgery room and took a bottle of ether. It is believed that she passed out from playing with the Ether, tipping the bottle over onto an open flame. This causes a fire in the parlor room. The resulting burn marks in the doorway of the parlor room are still visible today. Rachel died two days later her upstairs bedroom from the severity of her burns. Her twin brother, Enos, died two years later. A 10-month old infant, Elizabeth died in the master bedroom of unknown causes.  Dr. Gibbon’s wife, Jessie, died of pneumonia in the master bedroom in 1934. Guests of the home reportedly can smell baby powder and complain of shortness of breath and chest tightening while staying in that room.  Many patients have died in the home as well. It is said that Dr. Gibbons had many mistresses, along with taking advantage of female patients. It is also said that he had affairs with his servants. Many guests to the home, especially females, have complained of something unknown “attacking”, and “groping” them while staying in the examination or surgery room. Dr. Gibbons died in 1944. Eyewitness accounts of a shadow person, “not of this world”, nicknamed “Big Black” occurs throughout the home. Guests encounter audible disembodied voices throughout the home, mainly believed to be the voice of Rachel. The doorknob in the master bedroom’s closet has been witnessed to jiggle on its own, and at times the door will open. It is believed that this could possibly be the doings of a little boy, Gary, who died in the home in the 70’s after falling down the stairs. He loved to play hide and seek, the closet being his favorite place to hide. Guests have encountered the door to the servants quarters slam shut behind them, horrible nightmares and the feeling of someone trying to get into room in the attic, and smelling rotten cabbage in upstairs bathroom. It is said that a gentleman in his 50’s or 60’s died in the bathtub, and was found 3 days later during the warm months. In 2006, the previous owner bought the home and began restoring it. This is when the strange activity started to happen. It is called Whispering Estates because of the reported disembodied voices whispering in visitor’s ears.

Attempting to Debunk Claims

  • Servants quarters door did indeed shut behind us. Not as forcefully as homeowner says usually happens. This door closes easily due to the settlement of the homes foundation. Any drafts could also sway the door shut. This may or may not be paranormal in nature.
  • Any sounds echo throughout entire home. People upstairs can easily be heard downstairs, and vice versa. Teams need to be careful when splitting up as to not confuse the other team’s voice for any EVPs.
  • The team did smell a rancid smell throughout the home, only to find out that it was a skunk outside.
  • Some of the team did experience the beds rattling and the floor shaking. We found that when the furnace kicks on, that it indeed rattles the floor and bed a bit.

Baseline EMF and Temperature Readings

  • Front Parlor EMF 0.2, Temperature 56.5
  • Examination Room EMF 0.2, Temperature 58.8
  • Surgery Room EMF 0.2-0.5, Temperature 61.1
  • Bathroom next to Surgery room EMF 0.1, Temperature 58.1
  • Stairwell EMF 0.1, Temperature 55.3
  • Jessie’s (Master) bedroom upstairs (2nd floor) EMF 2.0, Temperature 54.5
  • Rachel’s bedroom (2nd floor) EMF 0.2, Temperature 56.0

Personal Experiences

  • Almost all of the iGHOST team felt a feeling of uneasiness in examination/surgery room. This was accompanied by headaches and nausea. Nowhere else in the home did anyone else of such feelings. One member stated that she felt extremely angry for some reason.
  • A member was sitting in the surgery room, asking Dr. Gibbons to take a look at her left knee because she has hurt it. Her left knee then began to feel cold. Temperature reading on left knee was 68 degrees, while temperature on right knee was 74 degrees.
  • 3 different members reported a tingling sensation on the right side of their body at different intervals in surgery room. No one had previous knowledge of these experiences until after the investigation. The tingling seemed to happen especially after asking the Dr. about his affairs.
  • 2 members reported the top of their head being lightly touched in surgery room.
  • A member heard their name whispered in Jessie’s room (See Below).
  • 2 members were in Jessie’s room and both heard audible wheezing. The member asked the other member, “Is that you wheezing?” The other member replied, “No, I thought that was you.”
  • 3 members in Rachel’s room seemed to be communicating with Gary. There is a certain EMF meter we use for communication only. We will ask questions, asking the “spirit” to make the meter beep once for yes, twice for no. It seemed as if our meters were going off on command, which rarely happens on investigations. After going through all the names of people who lived in the home, Gary seemed to be the one communicating. This may be purely coincidental, and not necessarily paranormal. When using our EMF/Thermometer Hybrid, the reading would go from a 0.2 to a 1.8 just chest high, and then disappear. Almost like a child was actually in the room.  The meter would then start beeping sporadically. We asked Gary to stop or we will turn it off, and the beeping stopped on command.
  • A member heard two separate series of footsteps in the hallway outside of Rachel’s room. Radio contact confirmed that at the time, there were no other investigators present on the floor.
  • Frequent battery drainage.

Evidence Collected

  • It is worth mentioning that the feelings of uneasiness, tingling sensations, nausea and headaches are all side effects of ether exposure. We did not research these side-effects this until after the investigation, however.
  • Nothing anomalous was found on digital camera, DVRs, and video cameras.
  • While two investigators were in Jessie’s room, one investigator audibly heard his name whispered in his ear. We were able to capture the whisper on audio. You will hear the whisper, then the investigator say, “Yeah?” He then asked the other investigator if she said his name, and she said “no”.
  • Most of the recordings we had to throw out due to the echoing of voices throughout the home. It was difficult to rule out EVPs. Whispers Estate is a very interesting home that we would love to re-investigate in the near future.


Below is an audio clip of the whisper heard by one of our investigators.  You hear him comment on it and whisper “what?”.  At the time he thought it was another investigator calling his name. The whisper is heard approximately seven seconds into the clip.

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One Response to Whispers Estate, Mitchell, Indiana

  1. WavatarShirley Pena says:

    “Dr. Gibbons had many mistresses, along with taking advantage of female patients. It is also said that he had affairs with his servant.” I would be interested in knowing exactly where this rumor originates from, since my own investigations do not support any of these allegations.

    I would also like to know from what source(s) the home is dated as being built in the late 1800s, since according to all the official records that I was able to find this home was actually built in 1925.

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